Ferretti Studio Immobiliare



Ferretti Studio Immobiliare was founded in 1996 in Correggio, a small town in the province of Reggio Emilia, thanks to the professional evolution of its founder Fernando Ferretti, who, after a significant experience in banking, decided to approach the world of Real Estate.

Over the years, the firm has undergone several developments, establishing itself at the beginning as a local reality, then becoming a point of reference in Emilia Romagna and finally consolidating itself as a national and international reality thanks to collaboration agreements and partnerships with important Real Estate groups

Ferretti Studio Immobiliare has maintained an office in Correggio, in a historic building on the main street of the town, alongside the opening of another office in the heart of the historic center of Bologna, as well as having offices and representative offices nationwide. 

While having a team dedicated to the management of the local real estate market, the Studio is a reference point for those who want to approach the luxury real estate with villas, penthouses, historic houses and palaces, wine cellars, hotels, farmhouses and major real estate complexes. In order to increase developments and real estate opportunities, an important agreement has been signed with Kensington International Group, a renowned Advisor with operations in place throughout the international territory. 

With many years of experience, the firm is able to work with a select and demanding clientele, adopting a targeted methodology and ad hoc strategies. Of great importance is the team of professionals of the Firm, with similar and complementary specializations in real estate, suitable to manage operations at 360 degrees

The experience gained in the field, the utmost confidentiality, availability and courtesy and the strong ethical-professional connotation have always characterized the work of the Firm, leading to the achievement of important results and consolidated reputation. These goals have been achieved also thanks to characteristics such as passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, application, organization, seriousness and above all love for one's work.